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Welcome to Bark Studio!

You've written the songs, but now it's time to make a great record.
That takes the right recording studio, and a great producer.

Why record at Bark?

Indeed, why even use a real studio in this day and age? Simply put, although home computer recording is now temptingly cheap, there's still no substitute for a real studio's magical combination of classic hardware, analogue equipment and years of experience. We have plenty of high end and vintage equipment, both recording and microphones, console, outboard, electric guitars, amps, keyboards. However, it's one thing to possess the gear, but of much greater importance is the ability to use it to its full potential, and that's where nearly 30 years experience of recording all sorts of musical genres comes in. You'll be working with the best in the business from the first chord to the last cymbal fade.


Modern technology... classic sound

With a Soundscape SS32 DAW, wired directly into an MCI vintage automated mixing console, and a Studer 24 track tape recorder, Bark Studio combines the warmth & punch of old school analogue recording with the editing flexibility of digital, making it a versatile and attractive choice for any recording project. Find out more in our technical section.

Definitive recordings

Mainstream tracks as diverse as Primal Scream's "Loaded" and The Firm's "Star Trekkin" were recorded at Bark Studio, but cult left-field projects - including My Bloody Valentine's seminal "You Made Me Realise" EP, "œGiddy Stratospheres" by The Long Blondes, and two critically acclaimed Denim albums (one Mercury nominated) - are a speciality of the house. Find out more on our gallery page.

Check out the rest of the site for a technical rundown and find out about some of the classic albums and singles made at Bark. If you want to discuss a project just mosey on over to the contact page to drop us line or give us a call.


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